Friday, May 13, 2011

Chic of the Week #83

Good morning. It's Friday morning and time to announce this week's Chic of the Week. I appreciate those of you who played along - I know we had a funky sketch for you and I was pleased to see how everyone handled it. Great job girls!!

NOTE: This post was supposed to go live at midnight but Blogger has been down. I even have screen shots to prove it was down but Blogger server is rejecting all attempts at uploading photos. GRRRR

Ok - meanwhile drum roll please............

This week's Chic is Lisa Sumpter!!!
(I can't post the pic of her card since Blogger is still not allowing any photos to be uploaded). Also, since blogger has been down for a couple of days apparently they were unable to restore some of the posts that happened during that time. Lisa, please contact me for your Chic of Week badge.

And a couple of additional "Honorable Mentions" go to

Come back tomorrow for a Technique Challenge hosted by Kristin!


AKiteFlier said...

Again - sorry for the blogger issues that made this post late and for not allowing me to post a photo of our "Chic's" project. Gotta love technology - WHEN it works :-)

Unknown said...

Aw thanks so much for picking my card ladies! I'm beaming with joy right now :)

Lisa x

Cindy van Oorschot said...

Thanks ladies for the honorable mention.

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