Friday, December 16, 2011

Chic of the week #114

Good Morning!

It's Friday and another challenge has come to a close.  I loved all the center step cards I got to peek at this week but the one that kept drawing me back to gaze upon its beauty was this one from  Carla Suto.   So the  Chic of the Week goes to her.

 Top Three 


Carla S. said...

Oh, my! Thanks so much for selecting my card for Chic of The Week! What an honor!

Totallyawake4-life said...

Oh Carla that is breath taking! Congratulations ladies!

Cheri said...

Congrats to my friend, Carla!!! It indeed is a GORGEOUS card. Congrats to each of the top three too.

Susie W. said...

Congrats to Carla! And, thank you for choosing my card as one of the top 3!

Kirsti said...

Aivan super upea kortti. Hyvää Joulua :)

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