Friday, September 23, 2011

Chick of the WEEK! #102

And a whole lot more....

She's so much more than a chic {k}... She's like a splendid EAGLE, soaring
with detailed layers of colorful magic, and I could not forget this breath-
taking piece... CHIC of the WEEK goes to the, ever so crafty, Chupa!
I love this card for so MANY reasons, mostly color, color, and ever so much
wonderful use of color!!! But I'm a sucker for detail, and that tiny flower
peeking out of the upper right corner just STOLE THE SHOW! Congrats,
dear! YOU da-CHIC-y! Please email me {} for your
lovely badge! Yipeeeee!

BUT, wait - there's MORE! Here's the other stunners who wowed me with
a capital WOW! I was bowed over with PROUD to see how beautifully, all-
o-you played with these colors! - Here's the rest of my top five!

Cheri - SHE just knocked my PSL lovin' socks off! Go PUMPKIN!

Samantha - Oh, just GO there - you've got to see her darling card!

Michele & Josee` - THESE gals know how to party! I want them
in my corner, if my life ever kicks me. What a great post & project!

Deena - I needed waders to navigate her AMAZING techniques!!

Thank you, one and ALL for sharing your glorious creations
with us! I always feel blessed to see your inspiration - AND
extra thanks to those of you who share our graphic! It really
means a lot! Hope to see you again, NEXT round! Yee Haw!

Don't miss our current DT call! We are looking for YOU!!!

See you, tomorrow, when MARIA {I just met a girl named.... MARIA!},
astounds us with a WONDERFULLY seasonal and useful challenge...

'Nuff said! Ciao!


Deena said...

so glad you liked my was fun to play along!

Cheri said...

Thank you so much! The colors were really fun to play with, Elise and everyone did such fabulous work on their creations! (Glad I don't have to pick!) Congratulations to everyone and Big Congratulations to Chupa! Your card is a knock out!

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

LOL Elise sweetheart, you're cracking me up!! :)
Thanks so much, it means a lot to read such flattering things from you :)

Michele and Josee' said...

Wooo Hooo! Thanks so much for the top 5 pick! We are in your corner if you ever need us! :)

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