Friday, June 17, 2011

Chic of the Week #88

Woop! Woop! It's almost the weekend - actually for ME it IS the weekend. We are doing something new this summer and closing on Fridays to save on energy bills, AC etc. We work M- TH extended hours but now I have FRI off!!!

Thanks to ALL who played along and tried a new technique this week. MANY of our players were first timers with this technique and the results were spectacular! So now - without further ado... our Chic of the Week this week is... Anne with this adorable card. 

I know I was thinking "dad's day" with this challenge but I love how Anne turned her woodgrain into a fence and her felt sun, complete with her sweet lil gal sittin on the fence - it just made me SMILE!! Well done - Anne please contact me for your Chic of the Week badge. My email is on my blog post.

I's also like to give honorable mention to a few other faves...

Again - thanks to EVERYONE who came and who played. Y'all rocked it girls so each of you give yourself a pat on the back! Now y'all come back on Saturday for a brand new color challenge, please!

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