Friday, August 10, 2012

Chic of the Week - #148

Hellooooooooo, sweet and LOVELY friends of JUST us GIRLS!

If you were one of the SUPER talented and WONDERFUL 
artists who played along with us this past week....    ALL I can
say is THANK you sooooooo much!  I was completely dazzled
by your work!  Truly, madly and DEEPLY inspired, ALL OVER
again!  Sincerely!  Thank you SO much!  It was a veritable festival
of talent and inspiration - you ALL have me BURSTING to get
inky and crafty, RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!  

But, alas, not so quick - there is work to be done....!  Luckily, 
it's good WORK - it's TIME for me to announce our treasured
Chic of the Week!  So here YOU are - the wait it OVERRRR!

This jaw-dropping, and SUMMER breeze-filled creation, filled my 
crafty lovin' heart with joy!  I love how the artist tweaked and rotated the 
sketch, ever so slightly...  This piece spoke to me on too many levels
to account for...   Let's just say, I SWOONED over this, big time!

I'm SO honored to introduce Ros Crawford
our fabulous  Chic of the week!   CONGRATULATIONS, dear!

Please contact me email me, at,
so that I can send you your Chic of the Week badge!  

THANK YOU, one and all, for your continued support
and the divine way you INSPIRE us, right on BACK, 
week after crafty week!  We ADORE you all!  

Hope to see you again, TOMORROW, when our LOVELY, 
Lisa, will be here with a SUPER inspirational {!} technique
challenge - TRUST me, you'll TOTALLY want to get in on this!  

Yee Haw!

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Ros Crawford said...

Thank you Thank you!! I am so thrilled and honoured ...

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