Friday, March 23, 2018

Chic of the Week #432

A huge THANK YOU to those who played along with us for Color Week.  I seem to have scared some people off with my colors this week.  I thought they were rather simple! Anyhoo!

Our Chic of the Week for this week is going to be...

Jane, Please contact me at 
to get your Chic of the Week badge! 

I sure hope you will be back to join us tomorrow 
for Photo Week, where Bobby will be our hostess.

Take care,


Jane Willis said...

Thank you for picking me - I absolutely LOVE the colour scheme you chose. There's a story behind my love of it too - when I was in my teens, my Mum was a prolific and very skilled knitter (she even knitted my wedding dress!. She knitted herself a dress in yarn marled with these colours and it looked stunning on her - so stunning that I really envied it and kept pestering her to let me borrow it. Eventually she gave in, and that was when I learned that what looks stunning on a short, slim 40 year old does NOT look at all good on a tall, chubby 14 year old!
Anyway, I'll stop rambling and get an email heading your way!

Cheryl Wright said...

Sorry Nanc, I had intended to play, but got tied up as I was organising a 16th party for my granddaughter!

Congratulations Jane. Beautiful card.

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