Friday, January 29, 2021

Chic of the Week #568


Thank you to everyone who embraced this week's photo inspiration.  Even though the entries were small in number, they were HUGE in creativity!  

This week's Chic of the Week goes to Shawna, from The Grand Stampede

I adore the way she selected specific images from the photo as key features of her card; namely, the snowy night sky, the silver lamppost and the various shops. I'm especially crushing over the bakery, with its welcoming lights and open door; I can smell the fragrance of baked goods prepared to greet early-rising customers. She's narrowed down this complex, challenging photo into a card that *is* focused and beautiful! 

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Shawna said...

Thank you! My goodness this has made my day a bit brighter. We are expecting snow tomorrow so this card will come to life tomorrow. Thank you again...

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