Friday, April 7, 2023

Chic of the Week #673 - Color Week

I'm sad to see that we had very few entries in our color challenge this week but I am thankful for those of you who did take the time to make a card.  Of those cards I have chosen this one for our Chic of the Week.

Congratulations, Christine.  You are the winner of the challenge with your darling koala bears.  I love how you turned the stamp to get two bears on the card and your use of the colors really brought them to life.

To get your Chic of the Week badge, please contact me at bobby.bitsand pieces at gmail dot com. 

I hope you'll all come back tomorrow for Word Week hosted by Carol Mc. 


dj said...

I had one made but missed the cut daughter's family is here visiting and I got all off schedule!! I do really enjoy my time with the grands even if it throws things off a little. I am still giving credit to the color combo from you guys!!

aara said...
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